High Value Relationships Start With You...

Master the secrets of relationship attraction, polarity and harmonized masculine feminine dynamic. Learn that by letting go of your past and surrendering to love you'll create a high value relationship with a man you'll be proud to call your King. Join me and go deeper to transform the unconscious patterns, programs and fears of rejection and lack. And put an end to the relationship compromise, anxiety and feeling not good enough. You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, loved and supported by the Universe, and by a man who'll devote himself to you. It's time to unlock, deepen into and bring to the world the fullness of your feminine power, essence and beautiful light.

Join Dawn Lee (relationship alchemy and feminine sovereignty coach) on the journey of quantum leaping women from sabotage and self doubt to power and sovereignty.  Let me help you expand and deepen into the high feminine energy that attracts and creates high value love and relationships with high value men.  Read more about Dawn here.

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Tash White

The Soul Intuitive

My marriage had fallen apart and I knew I couldn't continue to live the life I was living. I knew there had to be more. I'd already tried counseling, but it wasn't beneficial. Working with Dawn has completely changed my life. My anxiety has gone, I've successfully consciously uncoupled from my now ex partner. I have more self confidence, I know who I am, I know my worth, I know what I value and want out of life. And I've fully stepped into my purpose which has turned into a very successful business. Forever grateful!

Leigh Morris

Snr Business Dev Manager

I’d been struggling for years, my late 20’s and early 30’s were chaos. I was failing at my job, feeling desperate for a guy to save me, I had no direction or purpose. I felt like I was falling behind, I was full of poor me victim stories about my situation. I’d completed Landmark and thought I was ‘woke’… haha omg I had so much work to do!! I realized it was up to me but I still had so many limiting beliefs that kept me from actually doing anything about it. Dawn has been the guiding light for my personal development and spiritual journey. Working with Dawn I’ve learnt that I have everything I need to create whatever I want. I finally have a relationship with my intuition and that’s pretty much the biggest life hack ever. My career has taken off, I've even started my own side hustle and the best part, I finally attracted my King! What could be better!!

Liz Lee

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a way-shower. My life is beautiful and I have you to thank for showing that a loving and respectful co-parenting relationship is actually a thing. Thank you from the bottom of my completely revitalized heart."