How to Inspire Men Into Real Change is a three part program for spiritually awakening women who want to inspire the men that they partner into real growth. It's a myth that men can't or won't change. They can, in fact men are hard wired for growth and thrive in a challenge. If he's not growing he's stagnant and his masculine spirit is dying. The real barrier to change is the way that women communicate their needs. Most women end up triggering a complex in men that activates stubbornness and further locks down the behaviour(s). It also triggers feelings of resentment. Leaving both parties fed up and frustrated, and feeling misunderstood. How To Inspire Men into Real Change offers women a real solution to nagging and teaches women how to communicate in ways that activate a man's desire to serve, without compromising his integrity. It also helps women align themselves energetically with vibration of the change they want to see. If you want to learn how to communicate in ways that land in a man's system this program's a relationship gamechanger. And a must for all women who want to understand men more, and inspire them into their highest, masculine selves.

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    How To Inspire Men Program

    • Welcome to the Program!

    • First, a Quick Self Survey Check-In

    • Video 1. Identify What You Need

    • Video 2. Communicating Your Needs

    • Video 3. Energy Is Everything

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