Speak to your King like a Queen...

When you understand the ways men communicate mentally, emotionally and energetcally then you'll have an amazing connection with a man who feels, for the first time in his life, that he's with a woman who actually gets him. How to Speak to Men helps put an end to the communication frustration that shuts a man down and teaches you instead how to use your communciation to light him all the way up.

Join Dawn Lee (evolved feminine consciousness and relationship alchemy coach) on a journey to discover the secrets of how to speak to men.  You can read more about Dawn here.

Start straight away...

Speaking to men is an art. Discover the easiest ways to get him to listen. And discover the key differences between the masculine and feminine systems to understand the different ways that men and women communicate. If you want to be the woman who truly understands men (and it's a glorious place to be!) then you need to know the pitfalls and barriers that turn a man off as well as the triggers and buttons that turn him all the way on.

Why Communication is so important...

Good communication is essential if you want to a great relationship. Knowing how to speak to men will change your relationships more than you can imagine. Because every man wants a woman who knows how to speak to men.

  • Less arguments and fewer fights

  • More intimacy and deeper more authentic connection

  • Less chance of breaking up and longer lasting relationships

  • More fun, pleasure and feeling understood

  • More polarity and postive sexual tension

  • More confidence and relationship security

  • More trust and commitment, on both sides

  • Less stress, anger, sadness and frustration - good communication is good for your mental, emotional and physical health

He can't read your mind...

You'll be amazed at what you didn't know about how to speak to men and how the ways you're communicating are shutting his system down, when what you want to do is fire it up!! Men want to be understood too, and they typically feel that women just don't get how they think, or know how to speak to them.

Ready to jump in...

Here's what's inside the program and what we'll be covering.

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    How to Speak to Men

    • Welcome to the Program!

    • Program Preview

    • Masterclass 1. Understanding Masculine Codes

    • Masterclass 2. What You Say and What He Hears

    • Masterclass 3. What He Says and What He Means

    • Masterclass 4. Using Feminine Influence

    • Before You Go